Rough Day at the Office / 1989 Composed / Edited

John's Thoughts

This was Phil Sears' short film, which I edited and did the sound design on. (Phil later directed Ripperman.) I remember the first night that Phil visited me in my editing/living room with his wife, Beth. They had delivered an upright Moviola editing machine which I hated. As they watched I proceeded to mutilate film and tangle magnetic tape into a rat's nest, making a terrible baffoon of myself. Beth said to Phil, "And this is your editor?" Urgg. Some things just stick with you. Anyway, the next day I was upgraded to a flatbed editing console which I was used to. Rough Day was a sort-of sitcom-like antic-filled story in an office about an agoraphobic temp trying to get through the day. Phil got many up-and-coming and veteran actors-to-be in the film. William Windom was in it which thrilled me since he played Commodore Decker in the Star Trek episode, "The Doomsday Machine". Kathy Griffin played an obnoxious secretary.



Me and the crazy William Windom at the wrap-party / The flatbed