The Nature Conservancy / 2002 Composed

The Nature Conservancy / 2002
Chaos Theory

John's Thoughts

After a foray into doing some commercial music (Samsung and Aetna) for a friend of mine, Yu Tsai, I was asked to do this interesting spot for him profiling a character in an unknown area of the world surrounded by, well, his bugs. The spot, dubbed "Chaos Theory" tells a poem of sorts based upon the cause and affect phenomenon behind a single action in nature. But I lovingly call the spot, "Bug Man." Musically it had to be "ethnic" to reflect some exotic location that was universal in the viewer's eye as "anywhere but here" but not intrinsic to any specific location. The music had to intrigue, but be friendly enough to feel welcoming. So I blended a pseudo classical chordal structure with a strange use of organic "ethnic" sounds that I manipulated. On top of this, a loose melody line on an airy wooden flute weaves in and out and ends the film with a pleasant feel -- so the viewer may want to return to this world once again.