X-Men 2 Comic Con Trailer / 2002 Edited

X-Men 2 Comic Con Trailer / 2002
Comic-Con Trailer

John's Thoughts

So here's the first trailer, really meant to be a teaser of sorts for the film. We'd only been shooting a couple weeks when Bryan asked me to create a trailer for the film to present at a comic book convention called Comicon. Even though we didn't have much footage, I tried to design a trailer/teaser that could maximize what we had. Musically I didn't want the baggage of some other film to taint the trailer, so I edited together a version of Holst's THE PLANETS to be the mystery and then driving force behind it. My score for the film will never be written or recorded in time to be on any trailers, so this kind of keeps it more pure in a way. It was Bryan's suggestion to base the trailer on the mansion attack, since that was alot of what we shot, and then I took it from there and went wild. I also love trailers that don't depend on cheesy narration, so I just used lines from the film to infer story points. Most the classic and most famous trailers of the past don't rely on narration, but let the footage and editing drive the piece. By using just enough dialog lines from the film, it really does create even more of a tease and enticement.

This teaser trailer was then expanded slightly into the first theatrical trailer for the film, shown in theaters.