Coca-Cola Latin Inspiration Commercial / 2003 Composed / Edited

Coca-Cola Latin Inspiration Commercial / 2003

John's Thoughts

Somewhere around the time of Gothika, I edited a Coke spot Bryan was doing for the Latin market. There wasn't much budget to produce the music, so as editor, I edited the mid-section of the spot to a cue from my rejected score to Cruel Intentions. Surrounding the cue I did a "latin" drum riff. Of course I didn't divulge that the Cruel Intentions cue was mine until they saw the spot and liked it. Then I simply licensed the cue for a fee. This was personally sweet justice because when the producer of Cruel Intentions had decided not to use my score for the film, he refused to pay my final installment. So I negotiated to waive what he owed me in lieu of owning the music outright. I thought that perhaps someday I could license its use in something - and along came the Coke ad. Hehe. The amount I licensed the cue for was the amount I had been owed on the film. It sort of put a little bit nicer closure on what had been a bad rap for me.